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Getting Ready for AzMERIT

How can parents help students get ready for AzMERIT? Look for helpful hints in coming newsletters. Here are a few tips to get started from the Expect More Arizona website.

  1. Talk to Your Child’s Teacher - Teachers are an excellent resource for details about the skills your child has been working on this school year and what support you can give your child at home to help him/her prepare for the test.
  2. Reinforce Critical-Thinking Skills - Your child has been preparing for the new test since the school year began. All of his/her projects, assignments, and discussions have reinforced critical thinking and problem-solving skills. However, you can reinforce those skills at home by reading with your child and asking her to talk about the central idea or theme of book or article. Ask him/her to explain something they have written. Have him/her explain the steps they took to solve a math problem.
  3. Practice at Home - You can support your child by learning about the skills they will see on the test, as well as discussing what sample questions might look like and talking with him/her about it.

Arizona School Tax Credit

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